Welcome, Spring

"In like a lion; out like a lamb." That's March, or at least it's supposed to be. This year, with great thanks to El Nino, we've had a mild winter in the Chicago area. This Southern girl can't complain. Now, on the last day of March, with the weekend weather forecast mentioning snow and sounding more like a lion than like a lamb, I am more thankful than ever for Spring (and also wondering if Mother Nature is messing with us a little bit). Growing up in Texas, I never appreciated Spring. Or fall. Or winter, really. The joke is that Texas has four seasons: hot, hot, hot, and really hot. In autumn, the leaves would all drop their leaves in a week's time (if they lost them at all). And

The Cost of Community

It has been a hard week where I live. For those of you who don't live in my community, I will give you a quick summary. (Thank you in advance for indulging me in this post.) Our area's middle school is in terrible condition. Buckets are placed on the floors to catch the water falling from the shoddy roof when it rains; many classrooms don't have adequate heating/cooling; students (not to mention teachers and staff) are in trailers in the adjacent parking lot due to overcrowding. It's a mess. The school board, after reviewing options and soliciting feedback from the area, put forth a referendum on Tuesday's ballot asking for a large bond issue to build a new school that would be state-of-

Yes, I'm Failing Every Day Too

One of my good friends and I were driving home from a party a few weeks ago and I mentioned that I was thinking of starting this blog. She said to me, "Oh, you'll be so good at that. You're such a good mom. Not like me. I'm failing at all of it." I almost drove off of the road. Hold on. Here was my beautiful, smart, talented, wildly successful (and possibly drunk) friend telling me that I was besting her in the Mommy Wars. For the record, I'm not into the Mommy Wars thing. As far as I'm concerned, we're all in this crazy sisterhood togther. And here's the bigger truth: I'm failing at all of it too. Every single day. I let my kids watch too much TV. I'm not "in the moment" with th

The Spider Incident (a.k.a.The Day My Kids Saw Their Mother Lose Her Everloving Mind in the Kitchen)

Here's something you should know about me: I'm generally cool under pressure. Especially around my kids. Daughter falls on the playground and blood is gushing out of her nose? No problem. Apply pressure and wash off the blood with a water bottle (or a water fountain) while singing "A Spoonful of Sugar." Get stuck in airport security and miss the flight with three kids in tow? Easy. Dial the airline while waiting in line for an agent and play "I Spy" with a million grey objects. Freak out later. In private. But there was a day last summer that shall go down in infamy in our house. It was the day that my children saw me totally and completely lose it. Let's go back. Last summer was a

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