Amadeus and Acceptance

Last week, in a rare move, I posted on social media that I was going to be singing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Alleluia (from Exultate, Jubilate, K. 165) at my church for any local friends who might want to come. I got the most lovely outpouring of friends wishing me well, old friends and new, friends from across the country and across the street. I was very moved. These days, I don't sing in front of people very often. I mean, I sing in my church choir, but, as far as getting up on a stage and really performing regularly, I haven't done that since I was pregnant with my first child. When you've been a performer and then, suddenly, you're not, it will throw you for a loop. I struggled with

The Glamorous Life of a TV Extra

It's an exciting time for our little town. 20th Century Fox has come to film a new TV pilot starring Katie Holmes. Our whole town is abuzz, talking about where they're filming (word got out on that pretty quickly) and hoping to catch a glimpse of a star or two. It didn't take long for our village to realize that this whole filming-a-movie thing is, well, not what they thought it was going to be with closed streets and buses looping around at all hours. But what about on set? That has to be pretty cool, right? Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I feel like I should tell you that I have been in some movies and TV shows. Before I had children, I worked as an extra on films and televi

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