Siri, Queen of Porn

You guys. It’s happening. For real. My barely-second-grade son came home from a play date while I was at a girls night and had the following conversation with his father: Dad: Did you have fun at So-and-So’s house? Kid: Yep. Dad: What’d you do? Kid: Mostly talked. Dad: Talked? [curious beat of silence, because what 7-year-olds sit around and talk?] Talked about what? Kid: Naked girls. Boom. There is is, y’all. Second grade. Neither of us saw this coming. I asked my husband, “What did you say?!” He said, “I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything.” Holy Lord. Okay. So, it’s up to me. I’m going in. I’m taking the undercover cool-mom approach, while truthfully being 10

Okay, Lent. Here We Go.

A Muslim friend asked me last week, "Are you excited for Lent?" I paused. Was I excited for Lent? Yes? I mean, I don't get excited for Lent the way I get excited for Christmas, but I suppose I do celebrate this new spiritual season. Spring is more beautiful when you've been through winter. Being a cradle Episcopalian, I don't subscribe to some of the more well-known Catholic rules (e.g., I eat meat whenever I want, etc.), but the general spirit is the same. I think of something to give up, but I also think of something I can take on, and how those can work together. What can I do for these next 40 days that will make me a better person and bring me closer to God? That's where I start

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