The Cost of Community 2.0

Well, here we are again. A few years back, I wrote a piece called "The Cost of Community" about the battle for our middle school. In rereading it, I could have copied and pasted it into this post, made approximately two edits, and published it as written. It would have still been accurate today. So, let's make a quick update to the current situation. Here's the quick background: Our high school district (separate from the elementary/middle school) has two high schools. Both are excellent schools with graduates who go on to top universities. Both have rigorous academics and extracurriculars. Both need repair. The last time our district passed a referendum was to build the second high

Two Clicks from Awful

This week, my feed was flooded with horrifying images and video clips from messages that children have seen while on YouTube Kids. Parents were outraged that safeguards weren't in place. I personally have friends whose children were among those who saw terrifying things (and were completely traumatized by what they saw) on what they thought was a safe place. (For those of you who are perpetuating the idea that the Momo thing is a hoax, I can promise you that it's not. It may have started as a hoax, but someone decided to do it for real. Let's not gaslight children, please.) We haven't had YouTube on anything kid-accessible in our house since my oldest was three. Back in 2010, the iPad

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